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Waste Associates is a non-hazardous waste and recycling consulting firm providing technical solutions and strategies to mid-sized and large corporations that help reduce costs, increase service and labor efficiency and improve environmental best practices.

Our innovative approach to waste management is designed specifically to address the financial, operational and environmental obligations of our clients. Our products and services include:

Need Green Solutions?

Waste Associates has been working closely with businesses in helping attain their 'go green' initiatives. While continuously seeking market opportunities and partnerships that help divert waste materials from landfills, our project managers are experienced in providing the technical solutions that help companies limit their liability exposure, ensure regulatory compliance and 'Go Green'. As a matter of fact, our industry experts will assist builders, contractors or any other professional fulfill the Solid Waste Management credit requirements in their quest for a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Green Building accreditation.

 Thanks so much... I would be lost without your help with this issue. 

Linda Sansoni, Horst Realty

Go Green Now!

Going green has never been easier! Click here to see how Waste Associates can help.

Need a recycling solution for Fluorescent Lamps & Batteries?

Waste Associates offers an easy way to recycle old batteries and fluorescent lamps and bulbs. Click here to learn more

Equipment Financing

Going green has never been easier! Click here to see how Waste Associates can help.

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